Personal Development Courses Offered

Conflict Management


 While business can often see conflicts as being productive by driving new and different opinions, the different ways to effectively manage such conflict depend on many factors. Learn more about managing, controlling and harnessing conflicts by taking this conflict management course.

Be Assertive the Right Way


 No matter how self-assured you are, most of us wonder if perhaps we couldn’t be just a bit more assertive in certain situations. This course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become more assertive.

Emotional Intelligence


 Research shows that emotional intelligence is perhaps the most important factor in academic success, job performance and life success. It’s even considered more important than IQ.  

Presenting with Power


 The ability to give an effective presentation in the workplace is a crucial skill that every employee should possess. If your career matters to you, you need to develop your presentation skills. By demonstrating that you can deliver a well-constructed, confident presentation in front of a group of colleagues, you gain an advantage others. This course will give you the skills and techniques to present with power.

Communicating Effectively


 Effective communication is one of the most important life skills we can learn – and yet it’s not something most people put a lot of effort into. We accept that some people are naturally good at public speaking, or are really good at getting their point across in meetings. The truth is, effective communication is a skill, and like any skill, with practice you can improve. This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to be an effective communicator.

Coaching Skills


 Effective coaching is about helping all people reach their full potential, in any area of their lives and for the manager as a coach, this means working with people to improve their performance at work.

Emotional Intelligence Module

Learning should be delivered in small chunks!